IT Implementation
"I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I got to do them." [Pablo Picasso]
Writing the program is a huge part of the whole project. Let us say: Mostly it is about 50%, more or less. You will find programmers who think this is 100%. But if you do not ask your customer or if you do not give any presentation or introduction to him then let us agree it was a poor job.
All you need to know about coding is written here, I think: Programming Pearls, Jon Bentley, ISBN 0-201-10331-1 (I have the newer version, too - but I prefer the first edition) More Programming Pearls, Jon Bentley, ISBN 0-201-11889-0 (on page 125 he shows Napoleon's disastrous Russian Campaign - one single picture tells the whole sad story)
If you are really keen on programming, consider also: The Elements of Programming Style, Kernighan and Plauger, ISBN 0-07-034207-5 Writing Efficient Programs, Jon Louis Bentley, ISBN 0-13-970244-X
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