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Technology is responsible for the database setup, user setup and for repair or restore of the database. And Technology has to ensure that this database is up and running with a monthly average availability of 99% during normal working hours. New users with read-only or read/write access can be introduced or old users can be deleted within 24h.
Since YOU are the owner of this database, all access right changes have to be approved by YOU. Currently only YOU should have read/write access to the database.
For setup details refer to the Appendix, Database Definition. Please notice that the database consists of only two tables and two stored procedures. The two stored procedures provide a sophisticated write and read access to the database. Since they are stored on the server side the client (user) does not need to invest a big effort but he can easily make use of them. The database structure is not intended to change over time. This means that the database maintenance effort is reduced to a possible minimum: Only if the database gets too big old records will have to be deleted. If the write access user (YOU) defines a regular maintenance procedure which deletes old data records for all fields which are regularly added to the database the effort on top of this should be zero.
Please notice: Technology should be able to rebuild or to recreate this database within two hours. This includes corruption of database indices.
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