This database was implemented to
• Support selected processes with a simple “central” data repository • Get rid of individual spreadsheets which have to be maintained with high effort • Simplify the task of data retrieval and of data storage • Enable additional calculations over defined periods of time and “slice & dice” calculations • Precisely define user or process access rights
This database is a simple all-purpose database. After the initial setup there is no further need for database table maintenance or index maintenance (apart from deleting old records to avoid the database becoming too big).
Limitations: • The database is not designed for mass storage – you are advised to define a regular data deletion (maintenance) procedure for each new field / data you regularly add to this database • The design is simple and field orientated. There is no support for curves or for surfaces – which means you cannot store nor retrieve curves or surfaces in one go. All points would have to be dealt with individually. This is possible but it creates quite an overhead to the database engine. So if this needs to be used it should only be temporary and not for mass storage • Fields are stored as string values. The user needs to convert all data into the required data types
There are 3 levels of access or responsibilities: • Technology and help desk support – After initial setup the database is backed up on a daily basis, repair or restore can be done within two hours, new users with read or read/write access can be introduced or old users can be deleted within 24h • Super user with read/write access – YOU define new fields and feeds the database with approved rate sources • Other Users with read-only access YOU are the owner of this database.
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